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up next on a second look, the super bowl ads we've known and love. >> remember this one? >> frog. >> bull. what about this one? >> we're going to take you on a tour of superbowl advertising over the last two decade. it's straight ahead on a second look. hello everyone i'm frank somerville. the super bowl has become a true cultural event. it sometimes seems like the television is outlooking for commercials. there's a group that comes out to watch the game and not looking for the new year's ads
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over the past 15 years or so. we start with bob shaw with super bowl ads of 1997. budweiser, the company that previously used frogs to prove how irresponsible its beer is now has other phraebs -- this turtle does not have a drinking problem because aeug yells steal bird. at first i thought this ad was going to tell us responsible animals antedrink and drive but this is a very intivetive
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search back in for reasoning. >> what an increditable view. >> oh yeahs in in other address mall. another dog embarrasses his master. is your father dandruf did not make a lot of heels. miss piggy is hit on by a cad after her chips. >> i ate your chips. good night. mrs.big fbi wouldn't be so happy. >> taste what's next. pork the other white meet. >> some million dollars wor
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more vinceing than spwaoáef yap. >> why would a newborn want to surf with supermodels. and whey do car companies have such a fixation on bird droppings. believe it or not there's you tkeurty pweufrts do you read me? >> wide did mrs. bill air allow. the product literally sucks. the ads do the same figuratively and it's time to end this sort of pathetic corporate rocking. bob dole has only himself to blame for this sad pizza
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commercial. >> i just can't win. the award for it sure looks hearty but what is it selling? go to fee m. the slickest corporate tie in guess for pepsi cola and the upcoming rerelease of star wars. the car was trilogy. create effects yes.
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let's, will thousand throw. >> it's' maizing the changes you can make for a few thousand dollars. >> bob? bob johnson 1234. >> hi holiday in on the way. a lot of the best super bowl adds over the year have sre bed on humor. >> if an advertiser can make me laugh chances are excellent that i'll go out and use that product. but then again i have a sense of humor. lots of poll folks don't. have you seen those great ads for the nissan alter mat. he drives away in a hue son and swatched by people i mires áf you. changing your name state and
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profession might what are they going to do? get out in the open and protest. get a life. get a new life. nissan's comedy addses aren't the only ones to -- there was also the historical spot that hog day -l holiday -f in spá -- they're commercials people, lighten up. what do you dein yes i any
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see her.
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tonight on a second look we're looking at super bowl ads from years past.
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in 1967 airing a spot in the very first super bowl cost $60,000 for 60 second. adjusted that's about $275,000 in today's money. last year those 30 second 1309s sold for an average of $149 a gallon. here's bob mackenzie's look at the ads that wared in 1988. >> reporter: while the broncos and packers were trying to push each other of the way. the nation's longest spaghetti are trying to figure out if they can receive -- a survey shows that 7% of the super bowl audience tuned in just if the second spot. with 90 mrs. dollars that's
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ability $43,000 a second. ao -- a 30 second tool of india in which every shot was a rem want. >> did you see that? skwrás it's the fun stuff sometimes you can tell the ad writers are having such a wonderful time. a man tries to catch do reu e
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introducing do reu toes 3d # my ofl some ads are beautiful. some are pupny. but this wonderful pepsi pot was. lisa went warm and fuzzty about a girl who wanted a pet elephant. >> who would always be my friend. who says, how are you doing.
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>> and share some tea. >> pepsi won some and lost some. singers were the dancing bugs. and a science fiction moment with keenan ivory wayons. >> we like the one with the men. >> the nike commercial where the people are neighborhood. >> she's probably not alone. some famous olympic skin was on display in the artful and arty spot. does it really sell shoes? probably nobody cares. michael richards got a contract for this goofy ad. >> fedex. >> yeah the fedex commercial was great. >> reporter: that feddics commercial describes the great
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way to talk about things that could have been in the commercial carrier. having spent the kind of money it takes for a super bowl ad these sponsors are going to expect to get that money back. just like in football. some of these players will be back next year and some won't. >> when we come back on a second look the ad of 1999. the business of super bowl ads, what the add executives have the most andruw down -- delicious moreness every morning
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tonight on a second look. super bowl ads from years past. some ads do their jobs making them remember their product but some don't. we got canned. they want us off the rocks by the end of the day. >> reporter: in tonight reese
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superbowl ads there were plenty of more. >> condition means fired. i'm going to breath. getting sing. >> someone got him a dung, the problems didn't exactly bow out carefully. >> you like jokes. two guys walk into the 46. a lobster holding a brew hostage. just put it, put it down man. >> and the on the parts on an
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important mission. >> being happy with where you are, priceless. >> while the m&m ads played off of paranoia. >> look at that. can't eat a candy that fell on the floor. >> why? >> it's a rule. >> who's rule. >> first union vividly illustrated changes in the financial world. et returns to his own planet to explain the problem. i'm still confused. anheld returned to explain that only apple computers will survive the year 2000. >> it was a bug. i feel must've better admitting
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that now. only mcintosh was designed to habay you like your mcento be better than you, don't you dave? >> apple's add proves if battle of similar mittty by a seen that's been talking him. this is supposed to sell shoes? frankly i just don't get it. but tracker pw-fpl. >> mommy, mommy, i got a pony. >> what would super bowl ads be
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without cringe inducing moments. right here the budweiser company says what it would be if you want to go with paper or endure. finally we hope you did not have any food in your mouth when this king of the hill imagine hit the screen. >> dale, underpants? >> they are prescription. >> bob shaw, for sakeman's two. >> when bob mackenzie looked at the super bowl ads in 2004 he found there was a whole lot of ma kha going -- a lot of macho
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growing season. the praoáubgs atract it is priceyest talents. what's the tone this year ma kho man, ma chon, my super bowl spots we'll be full of it have real guy. jet planes, women and of course cars. guys in super bowl commercials are mostly big guys. and really big guys. >> say randy, i went to staples. >> staples randy. >> it was easy randy. >> very easy. >> there will be two spots for
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erectile dysfunction drugs. the problem for the writers of these ads is they can't say what the product actually does. jiada runs that one by running romantic music by the couple looking into their eyes. to get the joke in this h & r block you have to know that willie nelson owes so much money to the irs he probably will not pay it off. the one that most epitomizing the
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>> ♪ >> i may have to watch that one again. those jet planes look pretty good. >> when we come back on a second look. what the advertisers do in hopes that you will remember their commercials and their products. you can't move the tv there.
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[ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. super bowl ads are expensive. everyone knows that. but are they worth it for the people who lay out all that money for a 30 second spot. back in 2006, pam cook took a look at the business of super bowl ads. >> come on. >> why what is it? >> he has money coming out of the wazee. >> they are hilarious. i love 24e8. this is probably the best part of the saobl game tonight. -- rich silversteen is responsible for one of the most famous run line getter. it's the one time of the
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year -- one time i didn't believe we should do it. that's a lot of money to be spent for one moment in time but i've turned, i've turned the corner. this is brett. what are you doing. >> a lot of money is right. this year a commercial on the super bowl can cost 2-1/2 million dollars for 30 second. is it worth it? do people remember the ad and more importantly what they're trying to sell? >> i don't want to stick in your head the ones that are really stupid and you make a point not to buy that product. >> the bud light add super bowl bud bowls, those are the classics. >> career builder. they're working withen withen monkeys and i love the horses in the budweiser commercials. >> they don't call it the bowl
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of supervising. they can break the agency and the commercials as well. >> the teams had to beat each other to get there. there's no difference. the agencies have to beat each other to get there. >> the winners are chosen sometimes at the last minute. for smaller companies like california's emerald nut, this is a big part of its marketing budget for the whole year. >> exercising religiously and littering do not use the steam roller. >> i believe that there's a certain amount of legitimacy that comes along with being a super bowl advertiser if you do it more than once you become a little more mainstream. >> emerald took a big gamble with its first super bowl
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apaoáerpbs. after the game ran, biness grew to 26%. this is a look at what the directors of super bowl ads do. >> reporter: think of a super bowl add, like the one where the monkey wanted to be a clydes deal. the folks in the games try to top tháebgss with a look. but it's a business of a great big part tkpweurs. i think this wise guy invents the wheel. the doritos boys know what america wants to see. so

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